Case Studies | Autonomous Energy delivers commercial scale solar for the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Autonomous Energy delivers commercial scale solar for the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Autonomous Energy has delivered a large commercial scale solar PV system for the University of New South Wales (UNSW), right in the heart of UNSW’s Sydney Campus above the University’s Quadrangle Lawn.

Client Testimonial:

"UNSW engaged Autonomous Energy to install a 100kW solar system on one of our most complex roofs from an access perspective at our Kensington Campus in Sydney. UNSW has been extremely satisfied with the work Autonomous Energy has carried out and have maintained a good relationship since the completion of this project.

UNSW has meticulous design and quality requirements and during my career as a project manager employed at UNSW, I have managed countless projects across a range of services. Given these strict requirements and my experience, I have been impressed at the quality and attention to detail by Autonomous Energy and their services from tendering, engineering, design and installation have been excellent.

Autonomous’ work has been of the utmost quality, which has made managing their projects less time intensive and hassle-free. This quality has further been evident in the ongoing performance of the system, which has performed as forecast ensuring that the ROI was achieved which we are extremely pleased with.

Overall our experience with Autonomous Energy has been fantastic and we would highly recommend them to other organisations, no matter the complexity of the installation."

Garry Peacock, Senior Project Manager, UNSW



For decades UNSW has been the global leader in solar cell research and development, just a few months ago once again smashing the world record for solar cell efficiency. The solar cell technology used in this project (PERC) is a UNSW invention. With over a dozen of Autonomous Energy’s current professional staff being UNSW Alumni this project is of particular significance and meaning for us.

UNSW selected Autonomous Energy as their solar Engineering, Procurement and Contruction (EPC) company for this project due to our proven performance and focus on Saftey, Quality and Performance. Safety was the number one focus and there were some unique challenges installing this system above the Quadrangle Lawn whilst the University was operational. Autonomous Energy implemented a number of innovative safety measures to ensure all UNSW staff, students, community members and AE staff were completely safe during construction at this busy campus.