Case Studies | Solar Car Park at Sydney Markets - Innovative 170kW Building Integrated Solar Power system

Solar Car Park at Sydney Markets - Innovative 170kW Building Integrated Solar Power system

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Autonomous Energy was engaged by Sydney Markets Limited to design, supply, install and commission an innovative Solar Car Park Shading system at the famous Sydney Markets in Flemington. After examining the ability of several companies to deliver the project Sydney Markets chose Autonomous Energy to deliver the project due to our expertise in solar engineering and design as well as our unparalleled track record in successfully completing challenging Industrial Solar projects. Combined with Phase 2 (completed) and Phase 3 (completed 2016) this is the largest Solar Car Park Shading system installed in Australia at the time of completion in 2016. Autonomous Energy's recently completed 1.1MW Solar Car Park at the University of Southern Queensland is now the largest Solar Car Park in Australia. Sydney Markets continues to work closely with Autonomous Energy to fulfil its sustainability goals.

Client Testimonial:

“Autonomous Energy worked with technical staff and senior management at Sydney Markets Limited to successfully deliver a 170kW solar car park shading system for its Flower Market facility. The Solar PV system provides enough power to supply the entire Flower Market with electricity.

Autonomous Energy are renewable energy engineers and not just sales people. They were reliable and managed everything throughout this complex project to our high standards. Safety is a key priority at
our site and Autonomous Energy’s safety management was best practice. It was a pleasure dealing with all Autonomous Energy staff; they are highly qualified professionals, polite, experienced and accommodating. I can only speak highly of Autonomous Energy. They have done an excellent job from start to finish with no hidden costs.”

Martin Forster
Head of Site Services
Sydney Markets Limited


The Solar Car Park Shading structures for this project were designed and specified by our in house solar design team. The structures were specifically engineered and customised for the special requirements of Sydney Markets. A special feature of this Solar Car Park is that the structures are high enough for trucks to park underneath them. Close assessment of the design used for this Solar Car Park system will show many advantages compared with other Solar Car Park systems that have been installed in Australia, for example parking is very easy with this design as the structure radiates from the centre and there are no poles to navigate around. The structure is fully water proof therefore adding substantial amenity not featured in other systems. All Solar design, engineering, construction and project management was completed by Autonomous Energy's in house Solar Engineering and Installation Teams. The Sydney Markets Solar Car Park project features 680 Kyocera Solar modules and 6 PowerOne (ABB) Aurora three phase, grid connected inverters, as well as custom engineered electrical external protection systems (primarily protection relays) to satisfy the Network Authority's detailed and project specific electrical safety requirements. Onsite construction works were completed by Autonomous Energy's Solar Installation Team over a six week period which included works continuing almost uninterrupted over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Autonomous Energy is proud to be pioneering the introduction of solar carpark shading technology into the Australian market.  Additional case studies of Autonomous Energy's solar carpark shading systems can be found here.


The Sydney Markets Solar Car Park system has been successfully registered as a power station after Autonomous Energy submitted a detailed 'application for accreditation of a power station' with the Commonwealth Government's Clean Energy Regulator (CER). This enables Sydney Markets to generate Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) every year until 2030 which provide an important additional income stream increasing the economic feasibility of the project. Autonomous Energy has conservatively calculated the Sydney Markets Solar Car Park system to generate 235,594 kWhs p.a. resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 250 t CO2-e p.a. This is roughly equivalent to permanently removing 199 small cars from the road and is enough energy to power 70 households. 71 weather proof car parking spots are provided by the new structure that are large enough and the structure high enough to allow for parking of trucks.

Video of the Solar Car Park under Construction

For a video of phase 2 under construction please click here.

Solar Data Monitoring

Autonomous Energy has installed and commissioned an effective, user friendly, Solar Data Monitoring system for the Sydney Markets Solar Car Park system. This Solar Data Monitoring System enables Autonomous Energy's Solar Engineering Team to actively monitor the performance of the system to ensure that the actual system yield outperforms our modelled data and that any downtime on the system is minimised and any issues are detected and resolved quickly. This constitutes a highly valuable service for the client that is included as part of Autonomous Energy's turnkey Industrial Solar Power systems. Annual Solar Power System Performance Reports are also provided to the client. The publicly available section of this sophisticated online Solar Data Monitoring system can be accessed by clicking here.


System Size 170 kW
Annual Energy Production 242,241 kWh
Annual Emissions Reduction 256,780 kg CO2-e
Solar Inverter 6 Aurora TRIO Inverters
Solar Module 689 Kyocera Modules