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Professional Energy Audits

Autonomous Energy has conducted a significant number of energy audits across a range of different facilities including, commercial office buildings, large independent schools, large and small office tenancies, factories, consular facilities and large recreational clubs. Our energy audit team is comprised of a number of highly qualified and experienced engineers, analysts and project managers who share a common passion for reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions in ways that are both technically and commercially viable. Our team also uses the latest high precision energy data loggers to systematically measure, analyse and reduce energy consumption within complex facilities. Click here for Autonomous Energy Energy Efficiency Case Studies.

Autonomous Energy is proud to have been appointed to the NSW Government's Expert Energy Auditor Panel, responsible for the provision of energy audits for organisations who join the Office of Environment and Herritage's Sustainability Advantage Program or Energy Saver Program. Generous subsidies for energy audits are available for businesses in NSW that consume between 160MWh - 10,000MWh p.a. Contact us for further information.

The key purpose of Autonomous Energy's professional energy audit is to provide an organisation with a detailed and structured report for a facility detailing a comprehensive range of specific options to save energy, accurate details of how much energy can be saved, where it can be saved, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and return on investment.

A professional energy audit is an advanced diagnostic tool that identifies exactly where and how a facility can save energy and the details around the costs and benefits. The detailed analysis for the energy saving options provided in the energy audit report facilitates informed investment decisions relating to energy efficiency and distributed generation, by providing detailed business cases, thus enabling the organisation to choose which measures best meet their objectives and requirements. Our reports are clear and written in a way that can be understood by non technical staff.

All energy audits conducted by Autonomous Energy are consistent with the Australian Standard for Energy Audits (AS/NZS 3598:2000). Contact us for further information or for a detailed and obligation free quotation.