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Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Autonomous Energy provides comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades of commercial facilities. We have extensive experience in scoping, specifying, supplying and integrating energy efficiency initiatives that reduce energy consumption and costs without reducing amenity or the level of energy service. Implementing energy efficiency measures makes your office, commercial facility, industrial site or school less energy intensive, reducing ongoing costs and improving environmental performance by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Improving the energy efficiency of your facility is the logical priority in terms of sustainability as it is cost positive emissions abatement. We deliver a turnkey solution for implementation of any or all of the energy saving options available at your site.

Autonomous Energy has a successful track record in organising government funding to assist with energy efficiency upgrades through a variety of grants and programs. There are currently a range of potential funding sources available to assist with capital costs of implementing energy efficiency, contact us to discuss your project.

Autonomous Energy conducts detailed testing in our energy laboratory to determine the quality and effectiveness of various energy efficient technologies. We have a policy of implementing the highest quality products for our clients and the only way to know for sure which products are the best is to test them.

Autonomous Energy has significant experience and expertise in LED lighting technology and we are currently testing, distributing and implementing the best performing LEDs for a range of mainstream applications.


Energy Management
Metering, Visualisation and Monitoring

•  Measurement and Verification of Energy Efficiency upgrades

•  Ongoing Energy Management Services including energy performance monitoring and reporting

•  Energy conservation – be notified of problems in real time, reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions

•  Track and Improve NABERS Ratings

•  Demand Management – reduce peak demand

Autonomous Energy is working with our strategic partners on developing new, energy metering, monitoring and visualisation systems.