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Energy Saving Scheme

Autonomous Energy is an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) in the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS). Autonomous Energy offers a range of services within the NSW Energy Saving Scheme. As part of our turnkey Energy Efficiency Upgrade service Autonomous Energy can unlock the financial benefit of Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) for our clients, often dramatically reducing the capital expenditure normally required for Energy Efficiency Upgrade projects, also reducing the payback period and improving the return on investment. It is important to plan your project with the Energy Saving Scheme in mind from the outset, before work commences on the project, in order to access valuable Energy Saving Certificates. Contact us to discuss your project and the Energy Saving Scheme. Autonomous Energy also works with suppliers of commercial energy efficient lighting technologies to enable them to access the benefits of the Energy Saving Scheme.

The Energy Saving Scheme is a unique and generous subsidy for energy efficiency which will over time greatly reduce energy consumption in NSW resulting in myriad benefits for all stakeholders. Autonomous Energy ensures that its clients take full advantage of the Energy Saving Scheme.

Autonomous Energy provides Energy Saving Scheme services that facilitate Energy Saving Certificates for several different types of Energy Efficiency Upgrade projects including commercial lighting and mechanical service upgrades in commercial buildings.

Autonomous Energy has recently been recognised by IPART for the significant work we have completed in the Energy Saving Scheme delivering high quality turnkey Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Energy Saving Scheme services. IPART has included a detailed case study of one of our projects on the official Energy Saving Scheme website, under the title 'Autonomous Energy - Lighting Energy Efficiency Upgrade in Commercial Buildings'. To view this case study on the ESS website please click here.


Basics of the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS)

The Energy Savings Scheme is a NSW-based energy efficiency scheme which commenced on 1 July 2009; it is designed to provide greater financial returns for energy efficiency improvements. It is legislated to run until 2020 or until a similar Federal scheme is introduced. The objectives of the Energy Savings Scheme are:

•    to assist households and businesses to reduce electricity consumption and electricity costs;
•    to complement any national scheme for carbon pollution reduction by making the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions achievable at a lower cost; and
•    to reduce the cost of, and the need for, additional energy generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART) are the administrator and the regulator of the Energy Saving Scheme. Participation in the Energy Saving Scheme is voluntary for all organisation, apart from liable entities, such as electricity retailers, who are mandated to purchase and surrender Energy Saving Certificates.

More information is available at the official Energy Saving Scheme website: