Government Accredited Environmental Ratings for Commercial Buildings, Offices, and Hotels

NABERS (the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is the industry standard for measuring and benchmarking the environmental performance of existing Australian buildings, incorporating the trusted Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR). NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment, and provides a simple indication of how well you are managing these environmental impacts compared with your peers and neighbours.

However NABERS Ratings do not show you how to reduce your energy consumption and ongoing energy costs. They are not a diagnostic tool but rather a performance rating based on historical data as compared with other similar buildings with equivalent climates, equipment, hours of use etc. To find out how to reduce your energy consumption and ongoing energy costs the best place to start is with a professional energy audit.

To find out more about implementing energy efficiency initiatives to reduce your energy consumption and ongoing energy costs read about our Energy Efficiency Upgrade services.

Autonomous Energy performs NABERS ratings for commercial and government clients as Accredited Assessors. Autonomous Energy recommends NABERS Office and Hotel ratings for energy and water a great way to benchmark the environmental performance of your building, office or hotel. Working together we can ensure that your rating improves from the initial benchmarks. Such ratings and improvements can be publicly communicated to your stakeholders with the highest degree of credibility.

Benefits of NABERS Energy

  • Provides market recognition and a competitive advantage for low greenhouse emitters and energy efficient buildings;
  • Encourages best practice in the design, operation and maintenance of commercial buildings to minimise greenhouse emissions

Key features of NABERS Energy

  • It's voluntary – a rating can be initiated by a building owner, manager or tenant;
  • It rates a building according to its actual performance, using 12 months' energy data;
  • It can be used for the base building (central services), whole building or individual tenancies;
  • It allows developers to “badge” the greenhouse performance of their new office development from the outset on the proviso that DECC will rate its actual operational performance and advise the tenants;
  • It's available now for all Australian office buildings.

Types of ratings available for commercial office buildings

Rating Type Tenancy Base Building Whole Building
ABGR Yes Yes Yes
NABERS Office Water No No Yes
NABERS Office Waste Yes Yes Yes
NABERS Office Indoor Env. Yes Yes Yes


NABERS ratings for Hotels

Launched in May 2008, NABERS Energy and Water ratings for Hotels allows you to compare the performance of your hotel to other similar buildings, and are the first step to managing the impact of your hotel on the environment. Hotel buildings have significant opportunities to reduce their energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  An efficient hotel can reduce its impact on the environment, and save operating costs for the owner and manager. Many hotels are now taking steps to improve their sustainability outcomes.  At the same time, guests are seeking evidence of environmental responsibility when they choose where to stay. NABERS ratings provide a robust, relevant and transparent measure of the environmental performance of your hotel.

Further information is also available by visiting the official NABERS website. Please click here to open the NABERS website in a new browser window.