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Energy Independence








Residential energy storage systems are now available at an affordable price. There are three broad categories of energy storage systems provided by Autonomous Energy:

1.       On grid energy storage systems

2.       On grid energy storage with offgrid capability providing blackout protection

3.       Off grid systems or Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS)

Battery storage systems are typically integrated with solar power hence the common name battery hybrid system. To see the range of battery storage products currently being offered by Autonomous Energy please click here to visit the battery storage section of our website.

Why energy storage makes sense for your home:

1. Maximise Solar Self-Consumption

Why export valuable solar energy back to the utility for a low or $0 feed-in- tariff rate?

With battery storage, you can store excess solar generated during the day and use it later.

2. Time of use Optimisation or Load Shifting

Why pay peak energy rates?

With battery storage you can reduce your expensive peak energy charges by drawing from your batteries instead of the grid during peak times. You can even charge your batteries late at night during off peak electricity prices and save even more.

3. Blackout Protection

Why suffer the inconvenience of a blackout?

With a highly spec’d battery storage system from Autonomous Energy you can have reliable electricity from both your batteries and your solar power system even if the grid is down. You could be the only one in your street with the lights on and access to a cold drink.

4. End of the Solar Feed-in Tariff

With solar Feed-in Tariff’s coming to an end in 2016, owners of existing solar power systems will need to install battery storage in order to maximise their investment.

As every house has different energy consumption and solar generation profiles, we have developed a simple 3 step process to correctly size and deliver the optimal battery storage system, where Autonomous Energy will:


To speak with one of our friendly engineers for more information or to request a quote please contact us.

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