Solar Power | Solar Data Monitoring

Solar Data Monitoring

Autonomous Energy can supply and integrate a range of solar data monitoring, storage and visualisation systems that allow solar power system owners and managers to monitor the solar power system's performance remotely. A broad range of solar power system performance parameters can be displayed over the internet (or intranet) on any number of PCs, wireless devises or on dedicated public display screens.

Internet Display

Online solar data monitoring allows the solar power system data to be displayed over the internet as well as allowing remote system monitoring. System data can be made publicly available in a user friendly format via a dedicated online web portal or embedded into other websites; or both. This allows the solar data to be used in educational activities for schools, for promotional activities for corporate clients or community engagement for community organisations.

A very wide range of data can be displayed including the power output, daily, monthly, annual and total energy production to date, solar energy generation profiles, electrical voltage, electrical current and GHG emissions reduction information. External sensors can also be added to the system to show temperatures, wind speed, solar irradiation levels, building energy consumption and so on.

Remote Monitoring and Alerts

Autonomous Energy offers remote solar power system monitoring for clients with online data monitoring, using automated alerts and alarms set to email our team if any errors occur. This allows faults to be detected and resolved rapidly without long periods of downtime. This is particularly important in commercial solar power systems as it could otherwise take some time before the effects of a fault were detected. Autonomous Energy also offers system performance reporting for clients with solar data monitoring systems installed. 

Solar power system data monitoring can now be accessed from your mobile phone with apps available for both iPhone and Android.

Some example solar data monitoring systems, integrated by Autonomous Energy include:

Pymble Ladies College

Hornsby Shire Council Administration Building

Hornsby Library

Claremont College

Monte Saint Angelo Mercy College


Wireless Display

The Sunny Beam wireless display and data logger is compatible with up to four SMA inverters. It is a portable unit which communicates with the inverter(s) via a wireless radio link. Its sleek design features a large LCD display screen, integrated solar panel for battery charging and an unobtrusive and easy to use control button.

The screen can show a range of system information in both numerical and graphical form. The unit can hold up to one month's worth of data which can be uploaded to a computer via a standard USB connection. This USB link can also be used to charge the Sunny Beam's batteries if the solar panel does not receive sufficient light to charge them alone.


Public Displays

Large, highly visible public displays can be used both to promote your commercial solar power system and to help educate the public about solar power.

Autonomous Energy can set up a public display showcasing your commercial solar power system and its energy production. These typically involve an LCD screen set up to display graphs, sliders or energy 'meters' as well as system information and photos. These can be mounted in a building lobby, courtyard, public area etc and are the perfect way to promote the solar power system to your stakeholders. To view public display screen examples installed by Autonomous Energy please contact us.