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Renewable Energy Engineering

Autonomous Energy is an industry leader in the Australian solar photovoltaic (PV) engineering industry. We design, supply and install grid connected and autonomous solar power systems with our renewable energy engineering team and our in house solar installation team. We operate across a broad range of market segments including residential, commercial, educational, government, construction and industrial. Autonomous Energy provides a full spectrum of solar engineering services with a strong focus on commercial solar and industrial solar. We have numerous reference sites demonstrating the superior performance of our systems and our ability to integrate systems in a diverse range of site specific conditions.

3D Solar Design of a solar car park shading system by Autonomous Energy's in-house solar design and engineering team.

We conduct feasibility studies into the potential to integrate renewable energy technology as on site generation of clean energy at your facility, shading analysis to determine the actual solar resource available, PV system electrical design, array layouts, module tilt angles, cable & switch gear selection, module and inverter specification, network approval and connection, government approvals, tender management, as well as installation and commissioning of turnkey solar PV systems to meet your particular requirements. Importantly Autonomous Energy accurately calculates the business case for investment in solar, showing you precisely what the financial outcomes will be in terms or simple payback period, cumulative cash flows, IRR, NPV and so. The technical and financial analysis in Autonomous Energy's feasibility studies enable provide our clients with all the information that is required to make investment decisions. We also offer comprehensive solar data monitoring and visualisation systems that display renewable energy system performance data in the office, public area, classroom or online.


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