The Iberdrola Cup

On 31 May 2021, Infigen officially re-branded to Iberdrola Australia. The brand transition follows the friendly acquisition of Infigen Energy by Iberdrola in late 2020. To celebrate the brand transition, and the exciting new era of renewables growth ahead, all staff participated in the inaugural "Iberdrola Cup", a round robin football competition in our new Iberdrola Australia jerseys.

The Iberdrola Cup was held on the 4th June, on a stunning Australian winters day. To paint the scene, there were blue skies, full sun and a crispy bite to the air. The Cup had four team entries to the tournament totalling a number of 40 participants, from players, officials and referees. The four teams; Hola Verde, Real Sydney, No Regrets and Joga Bonito.

The tournament was a knock out competition, with every game being a must win and it certainty brought out the competitive spirit within the company. The tournament kicked off with Real Sydney v No regrets. Real Sydney started the game firing, trying to close out the game early on taking a 3-0 lead, but half time proved to be their enemy and a half time talk from Claudia Williams and Jack Kesby turned No Regrets’ game around, bringing the score back to level by full time, 3-3. The game progressed to penalties, with Real Sydney progressing into the final. 

The next game was Joga Bonito vs Hola Verde, this tight game was a nail biter. Both teams started strong with the keepers Ben Madlifiglio (Hola Verde) and Tim Nelson (Joga Bonito) keeping the ball out of the back of the net pulling off saves only seen in La Liga otherwise. The game went into halftime scoreless. Joga Bonito came out in the second half with a clear game plan – and successfully pulling it off going 2-0 up. Just when it looked like it was all over for Hola Verde’s campaign, Peter Campbell scored not only 1 but 2 goals to take the score level again. Full time saw another game go into penalties, where Briar Blount taking the last penalty for Joga Bonito, slotted it calmly bottom left taking them through to the final.

The final match, the game to take the Cup, was played between Real Sydney v Joga Bonito. Real Sydney was well rested after their first match and Joga Bonito had to back it up straight after their gruelling match against Hola Verde. Two goals from Real Sydney’s strike partners Emily Walker and Igor Brandao saw them lift the Trophy after a wonderful day of football.