Federal Stimulus Doubles Solar Savings​

Federal Stimulus Doubles Solar Savings​

Cash flow positive solar projects

The increase in instant asset write-off threshold to $150,000 for asset purchases by 30th June 2020, doubles the first year cashflow savings for a 100kW solar system. This makes the investment highly cashflow positive from day one when purchased on a payment plan. Please see our example savings analysis below.​

​Projects contracted by 15th of April can be installed before the 30th June deadline.​

Please contact Autonomous Energy for further details - P: 02 9907 2466 | E: energy@autonomousenergy.com   


19 Mar 2020

Ausgrid Power2U Rebate for Solar PV and LED Lighting

Ausgrid Power2U

Autonomous Energy and Ausgrid present the Power2U program.

Find out if you qualify for up to a $50,000 rebate through Ausgrid’s Power2U program for installing solar PV and LED lighting.  

To apply, register your interest here and we will be in touch soon.

What’s the Ausgrid Power2U program? 

The Ausgrid Power2U program provides rebates of up to $250* per kW of solar PV and up to $100*/MWh of energy saved from LED lighting upgrades (approximately $100 per 15 lights). A single customer can receive up to $50,000 in rebates, for either solar PV or LED lighting upgrades. 

Why is Power2U being offered to you? 

Currently, 80% of the cost of maintaining your electricity network is related to the replacement of aged network infrastructure.

This cost of managing your electricity network is about a third of your electricity bill. Large scale electricity network upgrades can add to this cost. To help explore solutions which can manage this cost and therefore make your electricity rates affordable over time, the Ausgrid Power2U program is being offered to customers in the 2200 postcode area. Incentives are available for those eligible to install solar PV and LED lighting - which will allow Ausgrid to manage the network more flexibly and improve reliability for customers such as yourself.

How can you access the Power2U rebate? 

As trusted industry experts, Autonomous Energy has been appointed by Ausgrid to provide you with pre-sales support and then - if you choose to proceed with an installation - Autonomous Energy will apply for the rebate on your behalf. You will pay Autonomous Energy the full value of the project and we will reimburse you with the rebate, once the funds are released by Ausgrid.  

ausgrid-diagram-01.png ausgrid-diagram-arrow.png ausgrid-diagram-02.png ausgrid-diagram-arrow.png ausgrid-diagram-03.png ausgrid-diagram-arrow.png ausgrid-diagram-04.png ausgrid-diagram-arrow.png ausgrid-diagram-05.png ausgrid-diagram-arrow.png ausgrid-diagram-06.png

Who qualifies for the Power2U rebate? 

The rebate is available to all residential and business customers in the 2200 postcode (Bankstown, Condell Park and Bankstown Aerodrome). 


For further information, contact Autonomous Energy on 1300 797 652 or email energy@autonomousenergy.com 

To learn more about why Ausgrid is offering the Power2U program, please click here.  
*Subject to change