Autonomous Energy has been installing 200kW Solar PV project for Blacktown Workers Club Ltd. Autonomous Energy begun construction work on this project in December 2012 and the entire 200kW Solar PV system installation is scheduled for completion this month (March 2013).

Blacktown Workers Club is a leader in sustainability having previously implemented a broad range of energy efficiency measures. The current project to install 200kWs of commercial scale Solar PV for onsite generation of 100% pollution free electricity underpins the next phase of Blacktown Workers Club's transition to sustainable energy. Blacktown Workers Club Group is committed to a long term plan to become more energy efficient in all its operations and to pass all savings onto their members. A comprehensive Solar Data Monitoring system is also being installed to allow remote performance monitoring and reporting by Autonomous Energy's in-house Solar Engineering Team.

Blacktown Workers Club Group is and will continue to be one of the leaders in energy efficiency within the Clubs industry.

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