Australia’s largest Tesla battery installed behind the meter has gone live. Engineered & integrated by Autonomous Energy, the 2.6MW / 4.3MWh Tesla Powerpack battery is a key component of an autonomous microgrid installed at a large industrial site in South Australia.

The microgrid comprises a 4.3MWh lithium-ion battery, a 2.5MW solar PV system (6,500 solar panels) and a 2.5MW diesel generator all connected electrically and with fibre optic cable, and controlled by a custom-engineered microgrid smart control system.

The microgrid works in both on-grid and off grid modes, able to intelligently and instantaneously respond to various scenarios, ensuring reliability at the same time as reducing costs. From an energy security perspective - it’s ground-breaking ... in a blackout the whole site will automatically isolate from the grid and the microgrid system will supply the site’s entire electrical load with no interruptions.

All technologies used in this microgrid are scalable & modular, so they can also be deployed at larger or smaller sites. This means that anyone from a university, large industrial user, remote mine site or island, to a school, hospital, residential precinct or medium-sized business can achieve the savings and energy security benefits available from this type of project.

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