We are very proud to announce that Autonomous Energy is the ONLY company with multiple projects progressing to Finalist stage in the 2018 CEC Solar Design and Installation Awards. In the ‘over 240kW’ category, the 2.2MW rooftop solar system installed at Sydney Markets has been recognised. The beauty of this project lies underneath the surface, with an amazing level of detail in the quality and safety of the design and installation which was completed by our in-house installation team. In the ‘under 30kW stand-alone PV power system’ category, the second Autonomous Energy project to be selected, is our ground-breaking Solar Trees project for Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne. This creative, first-of-its-kind solar installation, inspired by the African thorn tree, aesthetically integrates with the surrounding landscape, making use of great materials including recycled hardwood and bifacial panels.

The 2018 winners will be announced 3rd October. Congratulations to our talented solar design and install teams, and to all other Finlaists. 

The full list of 2018 Finalists can be viewed here.

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