Working with Lend Lease, Autonomous Energy will design and install a large super high efficiency solar power system, covering the roof of the ground breaking new International House Sydney building which is nearing completion at Barangaroo, Sydney.

This will be Australia’s first engineered multistory timber office and Lend Lease is setting a new benchmark in the use of sustainable building materials with this development. Constructed with wood, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has a far lower carbon footprint than other building materials, the production process produces zero waste, and timbers are sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. Autonomous Energy will be installing 348 new 320W LG Neon solar modules all controlled with SolarEdge panel level optimization technology, optimally managing and reducing the impact of partial shading from the surrounding buildings. The modules will be installed using Schletter’s brand new flat roof solar mounting system with optimized superimposed load equipment called AluGrid – this will be the first time this new product is used in Australia.

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