We are proud to have worked closely with Marymede Catholic College and specialist energy strategy firm, Mamachi, during 2018 on the design and installation of a 270kW solar PV system. The system is now operational on various roof spaces across the South Morang (Melbourne) campus - 100kW is located on top of the Trade Centre; whilst the other 170kW is operational across the Colleges Main Admin and Calthorpe (Library) buildings.

This system is expected to reduce the College’s annual electricity consumption by over a third, and save 200 tonnes of CO2 – which is equal to eliminating 60,000km of driving - over 10 years.

One of the key factors behind the shift towards solar energy was the ability to deliver curricular integration through the College's STEM disciplines as well as supporting Community Leadership Programs. In particular, the system on the Trade Centre roof is clearly visible - the system inverters are within observable reach of Marymede students for use in a range of curricular applications – helping teach the next generation of sustainable energy experts!

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