Autonomous Energy today announced that it is delivering phase three of Sydney Market’s solar carpark shading roll out, bringing the total solar carpark shading capacity at the markets to 911kW, by far the largest purpose-built solar carpark shading system in Australia. This ground breaking industrial scale solar power system will be installed on the top floor of a new multistorey carpark which is currently under construction at the famous Sydney Markets at Flemington.

The detailed design, engineering, planning and approval phase is now completed with onsite construction to commence in early June 2016. Autonomous Energy’s solar engineering team has carefully designed and specified this customised solar carpark shading system for maximum solar generation performance, carpark amenity and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The structural components themselves are being manufactured in Germany to Autonomous Energy's specifications by specialised solar carpark equipment manufacturer Schletter. The solar carpark structure features weather proof soffit sheeting under the solar panels and a complete guttering and drainage system, providing customers with protection from rain as well as the hot sun.

Phase three of this project features over 2,000 LG MonoX NeON 2 Solar panels which each have a rated peak output of 315watts. LG Neon solar panels have recently been proven at multiple independent research and testing facilities in Australia, including by CSIRO on behalf of choice magazine, to be the best performing solar panel available in the market. The LG Neon is so advanced that it absorbs light from the front and the back of its solar cells with its bi-facial cells and CELLO technology (multi-wire 12 busbar technology). This technology sets a new standard for innovation and was recognised with the 2015 Photovoltaic Innovation Award at the Intersolar Industry Event in Germany.

This project is designed and managed by Autonomous Energy’s experienced in-house solar engineering team and 100% of the construction will be undertaken by Autonomous Energy’s in-house solar installation team. Such a genuine end to end turnkey project delivered entirely by a singular solar EPC company with no subcontracting is virtually unheard of in the Australian market for projects of this scale – outside of Autonomous Energy.


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