LED Lighting Design

Autonomous Energy can conduct detailed lighting designs for your new building, new fit-out, renovation or Energy Efficiency Upgrade. By matching your business' needs to our range of commercial products we are able to deliver tailored, money-saving solutions. We have options to service every business environment from corporate offices and industrial facilities - to retail outlets, aged care, schools and universities. 

LED lighting offers a high efficiency, low cost alternative to traditional lighting products. LED lights produce more light yet use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights. They are also safer as they operate at a much lower temperature. And because LED lights last much longer than traditional lighting products, our clients also save money on replacement costs. The key benefits of LED technology are:

  • high efficiency
  • long life and low degradation rate
  • solid state technology; no mercury
  • no UV light; no 'flickering'
  • huge improvements in cost and efficiency
  • huge improvements in quality; including aesthetics and light colour temperature

LED Lighting Design


How and when you use your lighting depends on your type of business and your specific work practices. Autonomous Energy will take the time to get to know the finer details of your organisation and conduct a detailed lighting analysis. We will then complete lighting designs tailor made for you.

Our engineers use a number of sophisticated computer programs to ensure accuracy and completeness of the design. Combining this with our in-depth and practical knowledge of LED technology enables us to design, specify, supply and install LED lighting solutions that ensure maximum energy savings as well as ensuring that light levels meet Australian Standards.
LEDs in Australian Schools
Lighting in schools is a major contributor to student performance and attentiveness, and also one of the 3 main energy consumers in a school. We have consistently found that over 90% of school classrooms are below the Australian Standard requirements for light levels – and this has a deleterious effect on student learning and health (confirmed by several independent studies). Current luminaires in many schools may be inefficient and are nearing the end of their life cycle with some starting to fail. Fluorescent tubes also contain hazardous mercury and produce a high frequency flicker that can cause discomfort for students and staff.


Autonomous Energy can work with your school to devise a customised solution. Lighting energy consumption can be reduced by over 50% with investment payback periods as low as 2-3 years.

A trial of one classroom will demonstrate LED technology prior to any investment decision being made. An Autonomous Energy engineer will then prepare a report showing the detailed reduction in energy consumption as a result of the LED upgrade. At the end of the trial, the school can choose to undertake a project to upgrade more classrooms, keep the trial classroom lights by paying for them or request we remove the lights and reinstate the old fittings at no cost.

  • Designed and installed by Autonomous Energy team
  • Improved learning environment, improved staff and student health and wellbeing
  • Save energy and maintenance costs, reduce carbon footprint
  • Government subsidies available, cash flow positive finance available
  • Highest quality LED technology

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