White Certificate Provision Services

Autonomous Energy can unlock the financial benefit of Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs & VEECs), often dramatically reducing the capital expenditure normally required for Energy Efficiency Upgrade projects, reducing the payback period and improving the return on investment.

Autonomous Energy offers a range of services within these energy efficiency schemes. We provide the required services that facilitate Certificates for several different types of Energy Efficiency Upgrade projects including commercial lighting & mechanical service upgrades. We also work with manufacturers, distributors and integrators of energy efficiency equipment to enable them to access the benefits of the Energy Saving Scheme. Depending on the project, Certificates can pay for more than half the cost of the project. Autonomous Energy ensures that all of our clients are able to take full advantage of government Energy Efficiency Schemes.

White Certificate Provision Services


The number of energy saving certificates a project is eligible for is directly related to the calculated energy savings the upgrade will deliver. Autonomous Energy’s experienced engineers undertake detailed onsite assessments pre-installation of the upgrade to ensure accuracy of installed lighting and energy consuming equipment. These audits are undertaken with minimal disruption to the business.

Many years of experience in both the NSW and Victorian schemes means that we are able to provide an accurate price and expected return on investment for the lighting or mechanical services upgrade. This rebate is presented as an upfront discount for the project, making it easier to invest in improved lighting and reduced electricity bills.

Following supply, installation and project management of the energy efficiency upgrade, Autonomous Energy creates the certificates and sells them to a ‘liable entity’. Managing all aspects of the project - including certificate provision - reduces risk and improves the overall outcome for the upgrade.

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