Commercial & Industrial Battery Storage

Autonomous Energy designs, engineers, procures and builds energy storage & microgrid systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure, long-term reliability and performance, maximising total asset lifecycle value. We apply industry best practices while adhering to all applicable safety, environmental and specific electrical and technical standards, including those required by the network authority for grid interactive systems.

Energy Storage plays a critical role in decarbonising and modernising our electricity supply system, enabling:

  • high penetration of renewable energy (up to 100%)
  • a more stable & reliable electricity network
  • control of when you purchase electricity and how much you pay
  • grid defection
  • the cost of batteries to decrease rapidly in conjunction with enhancements in performance
Autonomous Energy is an experienced EPC company that delivers tailored energy storage and microgrid solutions in Australia and the Pacific. Whether it’s grid interactive or completely off grid, in a remote or urban location, we have the in-house capabilities and experience to design, build, commission, operate and maintain your energy storage or microgrid application.

We carefully select the best performing and safest batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer more than just one brand due to the fact that the best battery for you actually depends on your unique situation and the functionality that you desire. Autonomous Energy’s engineers custom design and size each energy storage system to meet the unique needs of every client.

Commercial & Industrial Battery Storage


Our experienced team of engineers will design the optimal system specifications and operating parameters as a bespoke solution for each project. Investment grade financial analysis can also be conducted to empower our clients in making investment decisions. All our solutions are designed to meet interconnection requirements outlined by the electricity network provider, industry standards and other planning and approval requirements.

Commercial energy storage provides several value streams to our clients:
  • maximise Solar PV self use
  • peak demand reduction
  • load shifting / tariff arbitrage
  • back-up power
  • avoid expensive network upgrades
Our microgrids are enabling some of our industrial customers to take advantage of innovative and potentially lucrative demand response and other ancillary services programs run by AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator). We provide end to end, turnkey energy storage and microgrid solutions, tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

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