Although there are many different types of microgrids, broadly speaking a microgrid is an energy system that balances a site's distributed generation with energy demand to maintain stable service and energy security within a defined set of operating parameters. Microgrids are often essential, such as on remote islands, mine sites and other remote areas, where there is no possibility of grid connection. Furthermore, microgrids now offer a broad range of energy security and financial benefits in on-grid NEM (National Electricity Market) interactive configurations.

Microgrid projects are driven by factors that can be very different from one deployment to another. Typically, our microgrids feature a unique integration of solar photovoltaics, solar inverter technology, containerised battery storage, battery inverter technology, low or medium voltage transformers, switchgear and integration, diesel generators and customised microgrid control systems, energy management systems, active smart switching, remote monitoring and control capabilities and so on - optimised to meet our clients' unique requirements. Wind and other renewable energy generation assets can also be integrated. Our microgrids can be NEM (National Electricity Market) interactive or totally autonomous. All our microgrid solutions are completely bespoke, end-to-end solutions, ensuring that our customers' requirements are met - displaying the highest levels of quality, safety and performance for decades to come.



Autonomous Energy is an experienced EPC company that delivers tailored microgrid solutions in Australia and the Pacific. Whether it's grid interactive or completely off grid, in a remote or urban location, we have the in-house capabilities and experience to design, build, commission, operate and maintain your microgrid. Autonomous Energy microgrids are enabling some of our industrial customers to take advantage of innovative and potentially lucrative demand response and other ancillary services programs run by AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator). We provide end-to-end, turnkey energy storage and microgrid solutions, tailored to our clients' specific requirements.

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