Energy Strategy

Autonomous Energy has assisted with energy strategy across a range of different facilities including commercial office buildings, large independent schools, large and small office tenancies, factories, consular facilities and large recreational clubs.  Providing a detailed analysis and recommendation for energy saving options facilitates informed investment decisions, thereby enabling the organisation to choose which measures best meet their objectives and requirements. 

The key outcome when assisting clients with their energy strategy is delivering a detailed and structured document for a particular facility - including a comprehensive range of specific options to save energy, accurate details of how much energy can be saved and where, associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and return on investment.

Energy Strategy


Our energy team is comprised of a number of highly qualified and experienced engineers, analysts and project managers who share a common passion for reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions in ways that are both technically and commercially viable. Our team also uses the latest high precision energy data loggers to systematically measure, analyse and reduce energy consumption within complex facilities.

We are actively involved in designing and developing corporate GHG emission inventories and abatement strategies for some of Australia's most well-known companies. An important driver for these projects is the need to determine an organisation's obligations for mandatory reporting under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGERA).

Autonomous Energy has assisted clients with their Energy Strategy in the following ways:

  • Design and development of corporate GHG emissions inventories, consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and AS:ISO14064-1
  • Determination of reporting obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGERA)
  • Development of commercial carbon strategy, carbon management procedures and ongoing corporate emissions inventory management and reporting
  • Comprehensive carbon footprint analysis for conferences, events, projects, holiday packages and other products and services
  • Sourcing of carbon credits and making organisations Carbon Neutral using verified carbon credits from renewable energy projects, sourced from our Australian and international carbon credit partners
  • Development of custom carbon footprint analysis tools (carbon calculators), excel-based or online

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