Measurement & Verification Services

Measuring, managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important challenge for all organisations. Measurement and Verification refers to the process of verifying electricity savings, and therefore avoided greenhouse gas emissions. Autonomous Energy can provide this service for our own projects or as a service for projects installed by others. 

Measurement & Verification Services


Measurement and Verfication can apply to a number of aspects of energy management. For example, it is a very important tool related to LED lighting upgrades. After upgrading their lighting, clients may want to know what the consumption 'would have' been had they continued with the old lighting system. Measurement and Verification is a process that determines what the avoided electricity consumption is.

Measurement and Verification also applies to solar. In this case, our team would be verifying that the data presented to the client in the first instance - in terms of what the solar power system would generate - has actually been generated (similar to a performance guarantee).



The process typically involves taking readings over a period of time to provide a guide as to baseline consumption before the upgrade and then taking readings for a similar time period after the upgrade. Our team of engineers would then use regression analysis or similar to determine the 'avoided' electricity.

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