Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar PV

Onsite Solar PV is the cheapest form of energy any business in Australia can access - not only because the installed cost of a solar system has dropped significantly, but also because onsite solar PV allows companies to avoid many of the network and regulatory charges that can make up over 50% of an electricity bill. This cannot be achieved by negotiating a good rate with your energy provider, or buying off-site green power, as these network and regulatory charges are legally mandated and the electricity retailers do not control them.
The promised savings are, however, highly reliant on the period of time your solar system performs optimally. When installed correctly and maintained properly, these are assets that should last for over 25 years. Therefore a good payback period is only a small component of a successful financial outcome for your organisation. The question is not whether onsite solar PV will save you money ... it will. The question is rather whether the solar system last long enough to allow you to realize the savings that you should expect over its life. It is the lifetime reliability of the installed system that matters more than a low payback period. How long your solar system will last depends on the quality of the major components used - like solar panels and inverters - and also the quality of the rest of the components of the system, having an optimal site specific design and - most importantly - an installation methodology that protects all the components from premature wear during their lifetime.
Since 2003 Autonomous Energy has worked with some of Australia’s largest and most successful organisations to facilitate their switch to solar power. Over this time, we have built substantial in-house engineering, project management and installation capabilities. As a result, today we employ over 50 full-time technical staff. This allows us to maintain end-to-end control over the quality and safety of our installations, which ensures optimal long-term performance for our customers.

Commercial & Industrial Rooftop Solar PV


As the leading solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company in this market, we provide the lowest risk option. Our focus is on delivering turnkey projects to the highest possible levels of safety, quality, performance and customer experience. We have a comprehensive in-house team of solar engineers, accredited solar designers, accredited solar installers, licensed electricians and project managers so all work is conducted by our experienced and qualified in-house team, delivering genuine end-to-end solutions. This ensures stringent and effective quality control over every step of the commercial solar process from feasibility, system design, installation and commissioning through to ongoing performance monitoring, reporting, operation and maintenance.

Electricity Cost Savings with Solar Power

While most of the solar industry focuses on simple small-scale systems, the economics of solar power are often even more favourable for larger commercial and industrial scale solar. Commercial sites tend to use more energy during the day when electricity rates are high. This coincides with the output of solar power systems which can generate a significant portion of a site’s daytime load and also reduce peak demand charges considerably.

Typical payback periods are under 5 years even when using the best possible quality equipment and expertise.

Autonomous Energy will model the output of any proposed solar power system to determine the effect that it will have on your electricity bill, accounting for all charges and time of use tariffs based on real world data and site electricity data. We can provide a feasibility report which contains a range of financial analysis to allow an investment decision to be made based on all the facts, rather than using less accurate rule of thumb figures like many others.

Our Track Record

Autonomous Energy has a strong track record as one of the industry leaders in commercial solar in Australia. Commercial and industrial scale solar is much more challenging than small-scale systems and it is our strength in solar engineering, our deep technical experience, our in-house solar design, project management and installation teams and our commitment to quality which allows us to achieve the best results for our clients.

Premium Quality is in our DNA

Many companies in the solar industry claim to be ‘high quality’ or ‘Tier 1’ and while this may be effective marketing, often these claims are not based on reality.

At Autonomous Energy quality is truly in our DNA. Every member of our highly qualified team is focussed on providing industry-leading services, using only carefully selected, premium quality components and materials which are customised to be appropriate for each individual application. This extends from premium quality solar panels from the world’s best solar manufacturers, such as LG, right down to every nut, bolt, connector, cable and isolator and through all of our installation practices, staff training and certified management systems.

Autonomous Energy’s management systems are certified to ISO9001: Quality Management, an endorsement of our comprehensive approach to quality. We are also certified to ISO14001: Environmental Management and AS4801: Occupational Health and Safety. 

Finance Options and Cash Flow Positive Solar

Autonomous Energy, in association with the major banks, can offer a range of zero CAPEX solutions which in many cases can deliver a cash flow positive result for commercial solar projects. While these finance options can be structured in several ways, the aim is to use your site’s existing OPEX budget for electricity rather than CAPEX. The savings from the system (reduced electricity costs) in many cases outweigh the payments for the system, resulting in improved cash flow and energy cost savings from the time of installation. Performance can be guaranteed or payments linked to electricity generated for perfect security.

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