Ground Mount Solar PV

While rooftop solar arrays are the most common choice for commercial solar installations, there are many situations where a ground mounted solar system should also be considered.  On some occasions the rooftop is simply not suitable or optimal.

Installing a ground mount system is a great option if there are obstructions or limitations to installing solar panels on the roof – such as available space, orientation or shading. In a ground installation a frame is built for the solar cells that faces them the correct way and tilts them up to an optimal angle (usually 30 degrees).

Since ground mount systems generally cost about the same as a rooftop system, this can prove to be the most viable solution for many clients.

Ground Mount Solar PV

When should you consider a Ground Mount system?

  • There is a lack of available space on the roof

  • The roof has poor sun exposure (for example, due to shading from trees, vents, other buildings) or poor orientation (the optimal roof orientation in Australia is facing north at a tilt of 30 degrees)

  • A large solar PV system (over 100kW) is desired

  • There is access to a good deal of sunny, exposed land – hence why these systems are particularly suited to rural or regional areas.


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