Managed Service Agreement

Clean Energy in Your Business and More Money in your Pocket From Day One

Autonomous Energy partners with clients to overcome commercial and performance barriers with Managed Service Agreements so their businesses can utilise on-site renewable energy generation to future proof their energy strategy.

The maintenance and on-going performance of equipment is guaranteed and we take all risks associated with system ownership away from your business.

That means:
  • We provide guaranteed system performance in terms of energy output per year as part of the agreement.
  • This enables accurate reporting for ESG goals.
  • MSA Term options are 5 - 15 years with no financial penalties to break a term.
  • A MSA provides the ability to expand solar and invest in battery storage or other technologies. We cover the feasibility for upgrading the systems we manage.
  • We can provide on-site generation of green energy that is funded fully by electricity savings (budget otherwise used for grid-derived electricity).
  • Monthly payments are fixed (with no CPI or other pricing adjustments).
  • There are no external finance companies involved (unlike leases and PPAs). From an accounting point of view, such a solar investment is Off-Balance Sheet.
To find out more about how an MSA works, please download the brochure.

Managed Service Agreement

Why use an MSA

  • Decouple you CAPEX budget from your sustainability goals and accelerate your uptake of solar, energy storage, energy efficiency upgrades, EV charging and other sustainable energy infrastructure.
  • It's a full service agreement which means systems are not just installed but monitored, managed and maintained by our expert service team througout the life of the agreement.  
  • Lock in a low effective electricity rate from day one and reduce your exposure to the market, whilst risk of ownership stays with us.
  • The solar system is installed at your site with an award winning installer at no upfront cost to your business.

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