Solar Car Parks

Autonomous Energy has an unrivalled track record in designing and installing solar car park shading systems in Australia. We have genuinely pioneered the deployment of this technology in Australia and we continue to innovate and install solar car parks in new applications.

We have installed the largest solar car park shading system in NSW at Sydney Markets, and recently surpassed our own record with construction of the 1.1MW solar car park at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) - currently the largest solar car park shading system in Australia.

We have built large solar car parks at busy live sites, construction sites and also on the top floor of existing multi-storey car parks. Our experience and specialisation in delivering turnkey solar car parks substantially reduces risk for the client in terms of quality, safety, timeline and budget. Solar car parks are complex, challenging, multidisciplinary engineering and construction projects that require vastly more expertise than simply installing solar panels on roofs.

Solar Car Parks


We deliver on-ground solar carparks and multi-storey solar carparks nationwide. Every site is different and building a solar car park is a complex project. Solar carparks are multi-disciplinary projects spanning architectural and solar design, structural engineering, geo-tech, solar engineering, carpark design, development regulation and live site construction management. We provide the complete end-to-end solution from feasibility and design through to procurement, construction, operation and maintenance.


We take a customised approach to designing and building your solar carpark and are the foremost specialists in this area. Our multidisciplinary engineering, project management and installation teams are committed to delivering our turnkey solar power projects to the highest possible standards of quality, safety and performance. Autonomous Energy is widely regarded as the most reputable provider of commercial solar and energy efficiency projects, setting the benchmark for our industry.


Autonomous Energy has delivered 911kW of solar car park shading for Sydney Markets Limited (SML) across three distinct project phases. Over two thirds of the system (640kW) is installed on the top floor of a new multistorey carpark. This project was designed and managed by Autonomous Energy’s experienced in-house solar engineering team and 100% of the construction work was undertaken by Autonomous Energy’s in-house solar installation team. Such a genuine end-to-end turnkey project - delivered entirely by an individual solar EPC company with no subcontracting - is unheard of in the Australian market for projects of this scale.

We are always happy to take clients on a tour of these ground-breaking facilities - if interested, please contact us. To read the full Case Study, click here.


Autonomous Energy has recently completed a 2MW solar roll-out for the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). The project featured a 1.1MW solar car park at USQ’s Toowoomba campus which is currently the largest solar car park in Australia. ​To read the full Case Study, click here.


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