Solar Design

Autonomous Energy are a full service solar design agency. We have won several prestigious awards recognising our excellence in solar design. When it comes to solar design, we are true pioneers and leaders. We are the go-to company in Australia for unique solar design applications and we are widely recognised as the only local company who is ready, willing and able to successfully take on unique solar design projects. Examples include our extensive work pioneering and introducing solar car park shading technology in the local market, building integrated PV projects and our unique design and invention of the Solar Tree. We work with architects, town planners, developers, construction companies and many other unique clients to integrate solar PV in new, beautiful, functional and never-before-seen ways.

We have a dedicated in-house Solar Design team, as a stand-alone division within our company. This division comprises a significant number of solar PV design engineers - many with international experience. We work closely with clients to either define the optimal specification or comply with it, if it has already been specified.

Autonomous Energy is the undisputed leader in solar design and system performance in Australia. Whilst there are lots of sub-optimal design options touted by our competitors - purely to try to reduce additional CAPEX - we work with clients who are focused on total cost of system ownership, net present value and the highest possible levelized cost of energy generation (LCOE).

Solar Design

In terms of conventional solar design, we are highly experienced and incredibly thorough. The operational performance of the systems we design and build are proven to out-perform the competition. We take great care to ensure maximum solar generation through designing appropriate PV array layouts including angle and orientation of the solar panels, minimising shade, using the latest solar panel level optimisation technology and ensuring correct cable loss calculations and cable sizing. These factors combine to ensure maximum performance of the investment for years to come.

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