Utility Scale Solar

Autonomous Energy provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to the utility scale solar market and we are currently developing projects up to 20MW. We also provide advisory services to both small and large utility scale projects.

Our experienced team of engineers will design the optimal system specifications and operating parameters as a tailor-made solution. Autonomous Energy takes responsibility for design, engineering, procurement and build - ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure, long-term reliability and performance, maximising total asset lifecycle value. We apply industry best practices while adhering to all applicable safety, environmental and specific electrical and technical standards.

Utility Scale Solar


As electricity costs rise and concerns over greenhouse gas emissions continue to be top-of-mind, solar power offers the perfect alternative for utility-scale energy providers. Solar power provides a clean, renewable solution. What's more - solar power plants generate a constant source of electricity at a fixed-priced and can even avoid higher costs during times of peak demand. 

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