Creating long-term shared value is the core of our business philosophy. 

We measure and consider the impacts of our decisions on all our stakeholders.  

More than 95% of our electricity generation is renewable. 


Our People

Who are Our People?

Our employees, contractors and directors are all critical to the long‑term success of our business and the delivery of our business strategy.

Our people include our employees and contractors who are based in our head office in Sydney, the employees we have at our operating sites across Australia, and the non‑executive directors who sit on our boards. Our people also include families, friends and groups that support us.

Our Approach to Our People

Our people want to contribute to a business whose brand, purpose, strategy and culture are aligned with their personal values. They want challenging roles, clear communication from management and flexibility in the way they manage their responsibilities. Our people want to be part of a winning team and want to be recognised for their contribution to our success.

Everyday our employees choose to leave their families, partners and friends to come to work and to dedicate themselves to Iberdrola Australia’s success. The families of our people trust us with the wellbeing of their loved ones and trust us to return them home safely.


We seek to build strong, enduring and supportive relationships with our employees based on trust and mutual respect. Whilst acknowledging individual accountability and diversity of opinion, we strive for the achievement of collective results.

We recognise that our life experiences make each of us unique and value the full richness of human diversity that this brings to our team. We will vigorously pursue inclusion so that everyone feels comfortable to bring their whole self to work. We value the wellbeing of all employees and strive to find the right balance between home, work and life. 

Our Customers

Who are Our Customers?

Iberdrola Australia is a renewable energy generator and retailer, strategically focused on Australian Commercial and Industrial customers.

Over 95% of our generation is renewable, with the balance sourced from our flexible, fast-start assets which manage intermittency risks associated with wind and solar generation.

Our customers include manufacturers, food and beverage processors, telecommunications providers, building and construction companies, universities, local councils, other utilities and commercial enterprises.

Our customers are located in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia –  the south-eastern states in the National Electricity Market where Iberdrola Australia’s generation is focussed. Our customers buy electricity products and carbon offset products from us in a variety of different contractual structures over a variety of tenors. 

Our Approach to Our Customers

Our customers expect us to work diligently to understand their energy needs. They expect us to offer them supply contracts that are easy to understand, solutions‑oriented and cost-efficient. They expect us to provide a service culture that is personal, attentive, responsive, honest and friendly. They expect their bills to be transparent, accurate, prompt and predictable.

Our customers often seek flexible products, behind the meter solutions and bespoke energy market analytics. Our customers value our commitment to providing market insights, and our commitment to working with them on their specific energy needs.

Our Communities

Who are Our Communities?

Our communities include the landowners, neighbours, local communities, councils and the traditional owners of the land.

We have communities at our operating assets and our development sites. At our operating assets, our communities are primarily centred around Wellington, Tarago, Bungendore, Smithfield, Narrandera, Boree Creek, Orange, Carcoar, Blayney and Millthorpe in NSW; Millicent, Mount Gambier, Port Augusta, Lonsdale and Bolivar in SA, and Walkaway in WA. Our assets are on the traditional land of the Aboriginal people with whom we have constructive long term relationships.

Our communities also comprise groups and industry bodies that have an interest in our business and operations, which includes community groups, universities, industry bodies, and the media.

Our Approach to Our Communities

Our business depends on the support  of the communities that host us and our assets. We seek to ensure our operations make valuable social and economic contributions to our communities and at the same time do not negatively affect the safety of the community, the natural environment or heritage.

We engage in extensive consultation through the life‑cycle of our projects to ensure we communicate with and are responsive to our communities.


Our communities expect us to be genuine, cooperative and transparent in our communication. They also seek our support to create fair, flexible and reasonable social and economic contributions reflecting our long-term relationship.

We engage our communities during the development stage by identifying the stakeholder groups relevant to our projects and establishing community committees to seek feedback and address legitimate concerns in relation  to our development and operating sites. We maintain this engagement through the life‑cycle of a project, endeavouring to always act honestly and fairly.

Our Environment

How do we define Our Environment?

We consider our environment to be both local and global.

Locally, our generation assets operate within rural and regional Australia, with office presences in the central business districts of Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. In these local environments, we consider how to minimise our impacts, improve resource efficiency, protect biodiversity and conserve natural ecosystems.

Globally, we are supporters of the Paris Agreement’s objective of limiting warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. We measure, monitor and target the offset of our carbon emissions.

Our Approach to Our Environment

We believe that preserving, protecting and, where necessary, remediating the natural environment is essential for the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Our purpose is to lead Australia’s transition to a clean energy future. Renewable energy generation is central to our business strategy and the achievement of this purpose.

More than 95% of our generation is renewable, proving electricity to power more than 540,000 Australian households.

The fact that we generate renewable electricity is of great importance to our employees, the majority of whom now offset their household electricity usage through our Green the Team initiative.

We understand that environmental management does not end with carbon emissions.

We monitor and manage resource efficiency, water usage, effluent and waste, biodiversity and heritage conservation. We are advocates for sustainable development and environmental conservation.

At Iberdrola Australia, we also believe that managing the environment will improve long term business performance. Climate conditions influence wind patterns and the frequency of adverse climate events such as heat waves, bush fires and lightning strikes. It is in the interests of all our stakeholders for Iberdrola Australia to conduct business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

Our Supply Chain

Who is Our Supply Chain?

Our supply chain consists of over 200 suppliers, each of whom provides Iberdrola Australia with equipment, services and advice that are relevant to our business strategy and operational performance.

Our supply chain includes our long‑ term operations and maintenance service providers, Vestas, General Electric and Tesla, along with their staff, and sub-contractors. It also includes professional service providers in the fields of technical, legal, accounting, tax, insurance, HR and marketing, as well as groups such as travel agencies, event managers, caterers, property managers, auditors and suppliers of IT goods and services.

Our Approach to Our Supply Chain

Iberdrola Australia has high expectations of its supply chain and suppliers can expect high standards from us in return.

Our supply chain is an extension of our business: the behaviour of our suppliers is a reflection of our own brand and reputation. Iberdrola Australia expects its suppliers to prioritise the safety of its people, communities and environment as we do.

Our ideal suppliers are centres of excellence who are enthusiastic to offer more than the minimum obligations of the contract. Where relevant we expect our suppliers to provide timely and accurate reporting on non-financial metrics and to be proactive in offering advice on sustainable procurement and resource efficiency.

We endeavour to role model this approach by providing accurate planning and fair timelines to our suppliers.

Clear communication is key to our operations and we strive to have an experienced and responsive point of contact for our suppliers. This approach will help us in providing flexibility to our suppliers and allow us and them to offer more than minimum obligations of the contract.

We aim to structure supply contracts with high levels of alignment and appropriate levels of flexibility. Where appropriate, we endeavour to be pragmatic, compromising, fair and collaborative. We understand the importance of prompt payment for services.

Our Regulators

Who are Our Regulators?

Our regulators monitor and enforce the rules, systems and guidelines that govern our business. This includes federal, state and local government departments along with statutory authorities and other regulators.

Market Operations, Regulation and Policy-making specific to the energy sector are undertaken by the Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO), the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), respectively. The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) manages the market for renewable certificates.

Our Regulators also include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Our Approach to Our Regulators

Our regulators want more from us than just compliance. Our regulators want us to communicate with them in a manner that is clear, precise, transparent and prompt. They want us to share expertise regarding prospective rule changes and to share information regarding changing market conditions. They want us to respect their objectives. 

Ultimately our regulators want us to act in good faith, taking a long‑term approach to providing a stable and reliable electricity network in Australia.