1.3 million

Number of kilometres of networks operated by Iberdrola globally


Number of substations operated by Iberdrola globally

100 million

Number of people served with energy by Iberdrola across the world

Our Australian based networks team is comprised of global and local experts with experience designing, operating, constructing and maintaining transmission and distribution lines, along with connecting new generators and loads into networks systems.

Our local team draws on Iberdrola's global technical capabilities in networks, including leading edge technologies like smart grids, offshore connections, subsea transmission and high voltage direct current transmission.

Our networks team is committed to helping Australia's state and Commonwealth governments deliver a fair, orderly and affordable energy transition for all stakeholders.



Our Networks Strategy in Australia

Renewable Connections

We design and deliver renewable energy transmission connections for wind, solar, battery and pumped storage projects. We offer competitive pricing, a dedicated, customer-centric support team, and knowledge of global best practice.

Integrated Projects

Our network team is working with landholders and planning authorities to help unlock Australia's vast renewable energy resources. Our point of difference is our commitment to designing and delivering transmission projects that are fair for landholders, host communities in regional Australia, consumers and regulatory bodies. We are progressing integrated projects in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. 

Major Transmission Projects

Many state governments in Australia are looking to improve outcomes for communities and consumers by making greenfield transmission procurement more innovative in the design phase, more competitive in procurement and delivery phase, and more affordable in the operations and maintenance phase. We have a long global track record of designing and delivering networks solutions that win contestable processes and deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Case study: Constructing a 1,700km power line

Iberdrola is constructing a 1,707km section of transmission between Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo in Brazil. The project will unlock renewable energy resources and connect them into major load centres. This project is transformative for Brazil. It has a construction timeline of 60 months and will create more than 11,000 jobs during construction. The project was awarded through a competitive tender process.

From a technical perspective, the project includes three 500kV lines, a 440kV line and a new 500kV substation. It also includes lower voltage connections for small hydroelectric plants and nine different municipalities in the state of Mato Gross do Sol. 

Case study: laying the UK's first subsea transmission line

Project: Western Link
Date Completed: 2018
Value: +EUR1.2bn
Capacity: +2,200MW 
Technologies: subsea and HVDC

In 2018, Iberdrola, through subsidiary ScottishPower, built the undersea interconnection system between Scotland, England and Wales. The high voltage cable is 850km long, of which 770km is subsea and 400km of which is subsea high-voltage direct current technology. Together this increased interconnection capacity by 2,200MW, equivalent to 4 million homes per year.

The Link is the highest capacity single subsea link in the world.  It is also the first bi-directional subsea interconnector (capable of transmitting energy in both directions).  It connects Ardneil Bay on the west coast of Scotland with Quay Bay, on the north coast of Wales, through a route of some 420km of cable, of which approximately 385km is subsea.