Our Customer Charter

Our success as an energy supplier is dependant upon the success of our customers. This Customer Charter provides some of the key information about Iberdrola Australia’s commitments in relation to the supply of energy to our business customers.


Our customers expect us to provide a service culture that is personal, attentive, responsive, honest and friendly. We are committed to resolving questions and complaints swiftly. Our customers are able to contact us via telephone (+1800 514 843) or by email enquiries@iberdrola.com.au. We are committed to responding to customer enquiries within 2 business days with an expected timeframe for resolution of their issue.

Clear, timely and easy to read bills

Our customers expect their bills to be transparent, accurate, prompt and predictable. We are committed to providing bills on time. Where we become aware of any errors in our systems, we are committed to alerting our customers to them immediately via phone or email. We will explain how and why errors occurred.

Reducing your bills and emissions

In addition to our market leading position as an integrated renewable energy provider, our customers often seek flexible products, behind the meter solutions and bespoke energy market analytics. Our customers value our commitment to providing market insights, and our commitment to working with them on their specific energy needs. We will work with all our customers on their specific needs in relation to energy efficiency, demand management and lower emissions.

Creating shared value

We understand that the success of our customers is a key determinant of the success of Iberdrola Australia. By supplying businesses with cost effective energy, we effectively create shared value for all of our stakeholders: our owners, our customers, our employees and society more generally.

Creating shared value requires partnership, and we are not only committed to helping our customers grow and prosper, we are also committed to being there in times of hardship. We encourage our customers that may be experiencing challenging financial circumstances to make contact with us to discuss flexible energy supply options that provide appropriate short-term economic relief while maintaining long-term financial commitments.