Capital Wind Farm

140.7 MW

Nameplate capacity


Number of turbines


Number of homes powered

Capital Wind Farm is located east of Lake George, approximately 10 km north of Bungendore in New South Wales. The 140.7 MW wind farm has been operating since January 2010 and comprises 67 Suzlon S88 wind turbines.  The wind farm generates enough renewable energy to power approximately 69,700 homes each year. 

Capital Wind Farm was developed and constructed and continues to be operated by Infigen.

Capital East Solar Farm 1 and 2 are co-located on the same site and adjacent to Capital Wind Farm.  Construction was completed on the 120kW Capital East Solar Farm 1 in 2013.  This was expanded in 2018 to 500kW with the addition of Capital East Solar 2 by 5B whom now provide the operations and maintenance services for both solar farms.

To view the making of Capital East Solar Farm, click here.

The Capital Wind Farm Community Consultative Committee (CCC) provides recommendations as to how Infigen can further contribute to the local economy, community and environment. 

Infigen contributes $42,000 per year to the Capital Wind Farm Community Fund. The CCC meets on a quarterly basis and is involved in assessing the Community Fund applications.

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