Avonlie Solar Farm

245 MW

Installed Capacity


Duration Storage


Number of homes powered 

The Avonlie Solar Farm will be a large-scale solar farm in Narrandera, New South Wales. The project will comprise more than 450,000 solar panels with a total energy capacity of up to roughly 245MW(DC).

The project received development approval from the Department of Planning & Environment in August 2019. Siteworks have commenced from early December 2021, with initial energisation expected before the end of 2022.

Avonlie Solar Farm will directly connect to a dual 132 kV grid connection which passes through the project site about 20 kilometres south of Narrandera.

Once complete, Avonlie Solar Farm will generate approximately 500 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year, providing our growing customer base with a diversified supply of low cost clean energy.

Project Documents

  • View the Project Approval here

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