Avonlie Solar Farm

The Avonlie Solar Farm will be a large-scale solar farm in Narrandera, New South Wales. The project will comprise more than 450,000 solar panels with a total energy capacity of up to roughly 245MW(DC).

The project received development approval from the Department of Planning & Environment in August 2019. Siteworks are expected to begin early Q4CY21, with initial energisation expected before the end of 2022. Avonlie Solar Farm will directly connect to a dual 132 kV grid connection which passes through the project site about 20 kilometres south of Narrandera.

Once complete, Avonlie Solar Farm will generate approximately 500 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year, providing our growing customer base with a diversified supply of low cost clean energy.


Bodangora Wind Farm

Bodangora Wind Farm is located approximately 15 km east of Wellington, near Dubbo in New South Wales. 

The 113.2 MW wind farm consists of 33 GE3.4-130 turbines with a rated output of 3.43 MW. Bodangora Wind Farm began operating in 2019.

Capital Wind Farm

Capital Wind Farm is located east of Lake George, approximately 10 km north of Bungendore in New South Wales.

The 140.7 MW wind farm consists of 67 Suzlon S88 turbines each with 2.1 MW of nameplate capacity. The wind farm began operations in 2010. Capital East Solar Farm 1 and 2 are co-located at Capital Wind Farm.

Flyers Creek Wind Farm

The Flyers Creek Wind Farm is located 20 km south west of Orange in New South Wales. Construction commenced in March 2022, the 145 MW wind farm will comprise 38 wind turbines which will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 86,000 homes.  

The Flyers Creek Wind Farm development is located close to a large electricity load, with a compelling wind resource, in one of the nation’s most opportunity rich electricity markets, New South Wales.

The Flyers Creek Wind Farm Community Consultative Committee (CCC) was established in 2012 and generally meets quarterly. Members include residents local to the proposed wind farm.

A Community Benefit Fund was agreed to with the Blayney Shire Council in 2014 and parties have committed to making a contribution each year for 25 years. Distribution of the Community Benefit Fund will be managed by Blayney Shire Council.

Lake Bonney Wind Farms

The Lake Bonney Wind Farms are located on the Woakwine Range, about 2 km from the eastern shore of Lake Bonney, near Millicent in South Australia. The wind farms were constructed in three separate stages with the final stage commencing operations in 2010.

The Lake Bonney 1, 2 and 3 wind farms total 278.5 MW and are inclusive of 112 wind turbines. 46 of these are Vestas V66 wind turbines, with 1.75 MW of nameplate capacity each. The remaining 66 are Vestas V90 wind turbines with an individual nameplate capacity of 3 MW. 

Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (PAREP)

Occupying approximately 5,400 hectares of land, the Port Augusta Renewable Energy Park (PAREP) is located 8 km south-east of Port Augusta in South Australia. Comprised of 50 wind turbines and 250,000 solar modules, PAREP is a combination of 217MW of wind and 110MW of solar. 180,000 homes can be powered by clean renewable energy thanks to the production of 900 gigawatt hours (GWh) per annum. This will save approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emission annually. The onsite 275kV substation and export cable connects into the South Australian transmission network, via the Davenport substation. 

The wind farm component of the site has been operational since April 2022 and the solar farm is in its final stages of completion. 

Walkaway Wind Farm

Walkaway Wind Farm is located in the central west region of Western Australia, approximately 30 km south-east of Geraldton.

The 89.1 MW wind farm comprises 54 Vestas V82 turbines with 1.65 MW of nameplate capacity each. The project began operating in 2006.

Woodlawn Wind Farm

Woodlawn Wind Farm is located east of Lake George, north of Capital Wind Farm and approximately 20 km north of Bungendore.

The 48.3 MW facility comprises 23 Suzlon S88 wind turbines each with 2.1 MW of nameplate capacity. The wind farm began operating in 2011.